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Misaligned teeth in your bite pattern can lead to a wide range of cosmetic and dental health problems While these teeth alignment issues can certainly leave you with an unappealing smile, the deviations in your dentition could also increase your chances of chipping one or more teeth.

In recent years an increasing number of adults with misaligned teeth have sought out the services of Dr. Myoungsoo Choi to explore their braces options. In many of these cases he can install traditional braces in your mouth to create a functional system capable of altering the alignment of your teeth.

After they have been installed you will need to periodically return to have our dentist adjust your braces. to have your braces adjusted. Each one of these important sessions will serve to tighten and tension your braces which will affect the periodontal ligaments that secure your teeth in your gums. Over time the adjustments will bring your teeth into their ideal alignment.

After your braces have been removed our dentist will need to provide you with a retainer. Using it at the prescribed times will help to prevent any lingering tension in your periodontal ligaments from causing your teeth to relapse.

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