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We are pleased to provide many types of braces for all kinds of patients so that we can help craft beautiful smiles. For example, we offer ceramic braces as an option for orthodontic treatment that is more cosmetic and optimal for patients who don’t want to wear obvious braces. This style uses a tooth-colored material that is custom blended to the natural tooth color to reduce its appearance.

We can help you maintain the appearance and quality of your ceramic braces by offering tips on daily care and cleanings, as well as habits to avoid. It’s important to protect your braces appliance from becoming broken or affected by tooth decay so that your treatment for better tooth alignment isn’t delayed.

Braces are like natural teeth in that they need to be brushed twice a day, followed by a thorough flossing along the teeth and gums. A great time to floss is after you have eaten your last meal or snack for the night. If you struggle to clean some parts of your smile or braces, Dr. Myoungsoo Choi can recommend an interdental brush or floss threader to make the process easier.

Be aware of the foods and oral habits that could damage your ceramic braces, including chewing on gum and sticky foods that stick in the wires and bands and risk breaking your appliance. Similarly, chewing on hard candies and foods or objects like pens could cause damage.

Keep in mind that if you consume dark foods and drinks, these could darken your exposed tooth enamel and cause tooth stains that make your teeth a different shade than your braces. We invite you to drink dark beverages sparingly with a straw and always brush your teeth after.

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