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Dr. Myoungsoo Choi provides Hidden braces to give you a more discreet orthodontic treatment. Hidden braces are a type of lingual brace, meaning that they are placed behind your teeth, and are specially designed for comfort, convenience, and aesthetic appeal using a state-of-the-art technology and impressions of your teeth. We invite you to call Cornerstone Orthodontics at 832-930-7875 to learn more about the benefits of Hidden lingual braces in Katy, Texas, and to schedule your consultation with our experienced dentist.

What are Hidden Braces?

Hidden braces are a type of lingual brace, and as such as placed behind your teeth where no one will be able to see them. Hidden braces are designed and created using state-of-the-art imaging and dental technologies. They are completely customized to your mouth in order to produce optimal results that will improve both your smile and your oral health and function.

How do Hidden Braces work?

When you receive Hidden braces, our dentist will begin by taking a digital scan of your teeth and mouth. This scan is used to create a treatment model, which Dr. Myoungsoo Choi uses to plan out your treatment so that you can achieve the results you desire.

Your brackets are then designed to fit your teeth, and the archwires are robotically bent to produce the ideal result for your teeth and smile. After the braces and wires are prepared, our dentist will bond them to the back surfaces of your teeth.

You will meet with our dentist regularly to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned. Your total treatment time will depend on how much tooth movement is required and the speed at which your teeth move. Hidden braces generally take about the same amount of time as traditional braces – between six to 30 months, with an average treatment time of 22-24 months.

Hidden FAQs

How do Hidden braces work?
Hidden lingual braces work exactly the same way that traditional braces do. They are bonded to the back surfaces of your teeth, and the interaction between the braces and wires gradually move your teeth into their optimal positions.

Are lingual braces uncomfortable?
No. While there will be a period of adjustment for a day or so after your Hidden braces are placed, your teeth and tongue should fully adjust to having the braces in your mouth, and you should not experience pain or discomfort. If you do feel severe or persistent pain, please contact our office so that we can resolve the problem and ensure a comfortable and effective treatment for you.

Who is a candidate for Hidden braces?
If you are a candidate for traditional braces, you will also be able to receive Hidden braces. Our dentist will evaluate your entire mouth to ensure that you can receive this treatment with ease during your initial consultation.

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Dr. Myoungsoo Choi and our team are committed to helping you achieve a straight, beautiful smile and improved oral health through high-quality orthodontic care. We provide treatment for patients of all ages, and take the time to understand your unique needs in order to provide personalized care. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment and learn more about orthodontics in Katy, Texas]. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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